What we offer

Tau Autonomy Center (TAC) offers excellent nature given subsea and on-land conditions, and the topography is suitable for developing, testing and qualifying underwater intervention drones (UID) and aerial drones (ADs).

The subsea test site has favourable nature given conditions with low sea currents and minimum of swell and tide differences. The sea site covers a seabed area of 2,5 km2 with water depth reaching 250 m, 800 m from land.

Subsea topography illustration

Together with Nosefo (Norwegian Centre for Offshore Education) Tau Autonomy Center offers excellent sea test site access and readily available office, conference, and canteen facilities.

Workshop support and handling services is offered by Tau Mekaniske Verksted and are located close to the Nosefo quayside complex.

Subsea topography

The landbased test area offers a number of favorable conditions such as: distance to airport control zone, scattered population, suitable terrain and objects in area and North Sea type helideck at Nosefo.

We have ready-to-use infrastructure with offices, deep water quays, utility systems, mechanical workshops and a range of other support functions.

Power line inspection

Tau Autonomy Center is located at Tau, 30 km drive from Stavanger, which has a world class subsea technology cluster.

Tau Autonomy Center in map
Tau Autonomy Center -overview